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Sports &

Sports & Injury treatment – $95

(multi-treatment packs and introductory offers available for purchase)

Our sports and injury package allows everyone from non-athletic, beginner, intermediate and professional athletes of all shapes and sizes to maximise their recovery from those lingering injuries. This treatment involves the use of whole body cryotherapy along with a localised cryotherapy session. This allows our team to target your area of concern and aid in your recovery to maximise your future performances.

Sports Therapy


Cryotherapy is no longer exclusive to the rich and famous. Popular among celebrities, these cutting edge treatments are now affordable and accessible for everyone.

Using advanced technology and modern equipment; Cryotherapy is innovative exposing the body to very cold temperatures. This triggers the body’s natural responses and stimulates the ability for you to heal, refresh and rejuvenate from the inside out.


Say goodbye to the 20-minute arctic plunge, the ice bath has evolved. Cryotherapy is the growing secret weapon of elite athletes and sportspeople around the globe.

The Cutting edge Cryotherapy technology and revolutionary hydration therapy is now the new standard set in Australia and New Zealand. Book your treatment today!


Our customer’s love tailored and personalised packages offering whole body and targeted Cryotherapy treatments.

Our services include a complimentary body composition analysis report using advanced technology and only one minute of your time.

  • Reduction of aches, pain or localised strain following physical exertion
  • Boosted metabolism, to aid weight loss and cellulite reduction
  • Localised Cryotherapy to burn calories, remove toxins and regenerate cells
  • Increases recovery speed potentially saving days of training time
  • Decreases inflammation and swelling
  • Reverses lactic acid build up and promotes natural healing
  • Reduce and soothe chronic pain, revitalise joints and muscles
  • Gain competitive edge through enhanced stamina and performance
  • Increased circulation, prompting recovery and restorative
  • Fast and effective rejuvenation in a safe and controlled environment
  • Regulated sleeping patterns and bolstered immunity
  • Relaxing non-invasive and affordable treatments energising the body and mind
  • Leaves you feeling refreshed and invigorated

Our endless list of happy clients range from elite sportsman and every day gym goers, to elderly individuals with arthritis, those suffering after a big weekend, and everyone in between.

  • Individuals looking to improve the appearance of ne lines and aging
  • Those wanting more radiant, clear, youthful looking skin
  • People aiming to smooth cellulite and reduce stubborn fat and calories
  • Everyday sports lovers and gym goers to aid performance and recovery
  • Fitness enthusiasts and those suffering from strain or injury
  • Sporting institutions, teams and individual athletes aiming to improve player performance and recovery
  • Modern Hospitals, medical centres and health clinics
  • Gym owners and fitness instructors and professionals
  • Doctors and healthcare professionals looking beyond the mainstream medicine and supplementary practices to the future
  • The elderly wishing to treat arthritis and swelling
  • People wanting to feel more refreshed, energised and invigorated
  • Individuals suffering stress, lack of sleep and lethargy
This modern treatment is now affordable and accessible to absolutely everyone.

Non-invasive Cryotherapy entails bursts of extremely cold air less than 120°C to the exterior of your body. This practice evokes physiological reactions to the cold that prompt recovery and healing. The long list of benefits to sports people include improved muscle and joint function, the soothing and elimination of pain, increased blood circulation, chronic pain recovery and fast-tracked injury recovery.

These results are often achieved in only 2-3 minutes.

Cryo Australia offers both whole body and localised Cryotherapy treatments to aid recovery and performance. Targeting areas with intensive or concentrated treatment is achieving powerful outcomes. Bespoke packages combining both whole body and localised Cryotherapy tailored to the individual are helping bodies regain their own ability to recover, in the fastest way possible.

Sportspeople of any level can enjoy the benefits of modern cold therapy. Expert analysis, advice and treatment in a safe, controlled environment has now arrived for everyday individuals.

Wouldn’t you like to recover quicker and perform at your peak?
Increase body performance efficiency by 30% and spread recovery time 8 faster.
  • What to expect after each treatment-
  • Immediate mood improvement
  • Concentration of ACTH ( Adrenocorticotropic hormone )
  • Cortisone, prodrug of B-endorphin A and NA and testosterone in Men
  • Feeling of subjective pails relating to reduction of joint pain, body surface pain and internal pain.
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Increases in the number of haemoglobin, leukocytes. Thrombocytes
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Increase oxygen concentration in muscles and accelerates regeneration
  • Increases performance efficiency.


Single Treatment – $95
Course of 3 – $260
Course of 6 – $420