Post Workout Nutrition

Oh yum- another diet right? Well, this regimen will not only make you look better than other diets, it makes those tired, sore muscles say thank you.

Nothing perks up the appetite like a strenuous training session. This exhaustive point is when new clients fall to their knees begging for a fatty burger to replenish their souls. The look on their face when the trainer hands them a Greek yogurt laced with whey protein is priceless. When you top it off with a few blueberries, they seem less than impressed.Post Workout NutritionHowever, why waste all the work that has been accomplished. Now the nutrition class begins, and clients learn about the benefits of carbs and protein. Customers who follow the recommended gorging within minutes of their post workout grow muscle mass. It’s simple science!

Most bodybuilders are well aware of the metabolic window for post workout meals. Some say 45 minutes, but most agree 15 minutes is optimum. Why? The pre-workout meal is in preparation for massive fuel consumption which is often depleted by the end of a good session. Replacing that fuel with proteins and carbohydrates returns the body to an anabolic state and will enhance muscle building and repairs. The body is at its peak for absorbing proteins and carbohydrates within this short window due to a natural increase in circulation. Post Workout NutritionFat isn’t bad; it does, however, slow down the digestion of proteins and carbohydrates, the nutrients your body needs most.  How to meet those needs when at the gym is not too hard to figure out. A protein shake and a couple of hard boiled eggs (not mixed together) are just perfect for the quick muscle feed. Post Workout NutritionWhen exhaustion kicks in- it indicates an 80 to 90% depletion of liver glycogen and about 60% of muscle glycogen reserves. Clients “feel” exhaustion when the glycogen levels in the brain are small, and liver glucose output is diminished.

Red muscle fibres are more likely to be depleted with vigorous exercise. However, they also recover more quickly with rapid replenishment of carbohydrates and proteins. Red muscles fibres are the endurance fibres intertwined with numerous blood vessels.  White fibres are for fast responses in short bursts and are the home for lactic acid build up.

So go ahead, workout until you feel exhausted, eat a ton of berries and eggs and wake up feeling and looking great in the morning.

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