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In Australia, health and wellbeing is a booming industry that consumers are investing in more and more. Australians are continually looking for non-invasive, proven treatments that can help them stay healthier, be more active, feel younger and enjoy maximum vitality. At Cryo Australia, it is our mission to support the aspirations of our clients and franchisees, whilst remaining committed to providing superior and simple treatments that deliver noticeable results. Our training, clinical support, innovation and safety are considered the cornerstones of our franchise system, with each clinic benefiting from some of the most advanced custom-built equipment in the Cryotherapy and IV infusion industry.

At Cryo Australia we work closely and exclusively with several leading cryotherapy research institutions and equipment manufacturers globally. As a result, we have been bringing a diverse range of powerful, reliable and innovative offerings to our shores with exceptional results. In particular, Cryotherapy and IV infusion industry is experiencing unprecedented growth and success throughout Europe and the United States and has now arrived to an extraordinary welcome in Australia and New Zealand via Cryo Australia. As we maximise our opportunities for growth, Cryo Australia are well situated to continue our development and long-lasting success.

Our iRefresh vitamin lounge and its ground-breaking treatments are the first of its kind to be offered as an inclusion in an Australian franchise. iRefresh provides modern hydration therapy via infusions and vitamin boosters successfully treating anything from jetlag, stress or hangovers to acute and chronic conditions. IV infusions and vitamin boosters achieve and maintain optimum wellness in the fastest and safest way possible. These forward-thinking methods have taken overseas markets by storm and are proving just as popular and lucrative on Australian soil.

Since 2016, Cryo Australia has positioned its self for sustainable growth and expansion throughout Australia and New Zealand being a reputable provider of Cryotherapy, IV Infusion Therapies, Fat Reduction treatments and other popular aesthetic services. Cryo Australia offers franchise partners receive ongoing, comprehensive support and regular training to ensure the quality of treatment service delivery is upheld. Helping them to emerge as a preferred Cryotherapy and IV Infusion brand that is dedicated to becoming the number one choice for premium health and wellness solutions.

Our philosophy is built around innovation, science and medicine, whilst drawing on a modern view of health. We are currently looking for genuine, like-minded and motivated franchisee partners to share in our plan for continued growth and success. If you consider yourself passionate, hardworking, have financial and business acumen and wish to join an affordable franchise network in an expanding industry, we look forward to discussing this unique and very rewarding opportunity with you.

Yours in health, well-being and peak performance,

Cassandra Auty
Managing Director

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Cryo Australia opened our first location in Fortitude Valley in 2016 and have since experienced an incredible level of success, thanks to our passionate, energetic and focused team. We established our own distinct style of care and truly believe that our people are the heart of our business. Cryo Australia provides a low cost, streamlined and developed way of operating, providing ongoing guidance, systems and marketing to our Franchisees. We partner with and support our Franchisees to build a successful business that will adapt and grow with the market through innovation, passion and diversity.

Benefits of joining Cryo Australia?
    • OPPORTUNITY • Lower start up costs, you are able to e part of an emerging market, have an opportunity to improve lives and take control of your career.
    • SUPPPRT • With Cryo Australia you have access to tried and tested systems, training, support, marketing materials and local area marketing guidance.
    • TRUSTED BRAND • As part of your franchise package you are provide use of Cryo Australia established branding.
    • TURN KEY • Each franchisee is a complete turn key package, with support for site selection including lease negotiations, clinic design and build.
    • BUYING POWER • Take advantage of Cryo Australia’s buying power and discounts on advanced technology and equipment.
    • HAPPINESS • Benefit from industry leading pricing.


Purchasing a Franchise with Cryo Australia is a viable alternative to starting your own business, with history showing that Franchise systems generally offer a higher rate of success when compared to a start-up investment. During your Franchisee Induction you will be exposed to our innovative systems and procedures, providing you the tools to open your clinic doors with easy, helping you on a path to fast track your operating success. Our partnership allows you to focus on helping people to transform their lives, whilst supporting your community and having fun along the way.

The Cryo Australia family are a growing community who share a variety of diverse backgrounds, we truly come from all walks of life. What we share is desire, drive and a tactical flare to succeed. Recognised by the Franchise Council of Australia and International Franchise Association, Cryo Australia provides a system that educates, motivates and supports our Franchisees – it’s time to join the revolution!

*iRefresh lounges are subject to the suitability of franchise property space and size.


The proven results and outstanding success of our treatments and revolutionary equipment speak for themselves. Our promise to you when you join us in this journey is that we are driven to maximising your success.

Our promise to you when you join us in this journey is that we are driven to maximising your success. You will gain broad background information, accurate statistics and scientific findings along with comprehensive training and ongoing support we will help you leverage your opportunities and guide you to the top of the health and well-being industry in Australia and New Zealand. The modern Cryotherapy and hydration therapies uprising is more than just a concept or dream, it’s a reality.

  • As the sole Australian partner of the International School of Cryotherapy, Cryo Australia will ensure you are provided with in depth initial and ongoing training.
  • Streamlined and easy to manage processes designed to maximise quality and efficiency.
  • Assistance in managing your business to success.
  • ‘Hands on’ support and guidance.
  • Ongoing marketing and promotional support.
  • Fully integrated client management systems.



From the moment you decide to partner with Cryo Australia, we want to ensure you receive all the benefits of becoming a successful Franchisee. Our team have developed a comprehensive franchise package to help you on your pathway to business success. Be part of an industry leading business with growth potential.

By becoming a Cryo Australia Franchisee you gain access to:


As part of your partnership with Cryo Australia you are granted the right of operate a Cryo Australia franchise clinic and have access to our effective systems and intellectual property.


Benefit from end to end operational support, training and support.  Our partners are provided access to our integrated systems that are efficiently designed to maxmise efficiencies and drive your clinics sales.


Enjoy the advantage of pre-planned marketing promotions, local area marketing recommendations, access to branded business templates and National branding and marketing campaigns.


Grow with greater buying power and take advantage of the innovative and cost-effective equipment available. Our system offers attractive operating costs and a capacity to realise high customer volumes.


With Cryo Australia people can see the results, stay healthy, be youthful and improve their body.  Our services offer an experience that delivers a lasting way to look and feel great inside and out.

Tailored and personalised packages offering both whole body and targeted Cryotherapy treatments in addition to body sculpting and intravenous infusion treatments. We offer the whole package of life changing benefits within one well-being oasis.


Whole Body Cryotherapy
Cryo Facelift
ACNE Therapy
Anti-Aging Hand Treatment
Sports Performance & Recovery
Pain Management & Inflammation
Psoriasis Eczema & Rheumatoid Arthritis


Cellulite Reduction
Permanent Fat Dissolve Injections
HiFu Skin Tightening and Body Contouring


B12 Intramuscular
Simply Hydration
Vitamin C Cocktail
Energy Boost
Hydro Detox
Skin Lightening Cocktail
Myer’s Cocktail
The Royal Refresh

* Cosmetic Injectables coming soon to Cryo Australia.


Although Cryotherapy has been around for decades, Whole Body Cryotherapy is a modern development that is only just starting to get the recognition it deserves.

Due to an aging population, a trend towards obesity and an increased understanding of the importance of health and wellness, many Australians are looking for a practical, affordable and effective solution to their health needs. This is where Cryotherapy comes in.

The benefits of Cryotherapy include (but are not limited to) the treatment of Arthritis, muscular injuries, inflammation and pain, as well as the reduction of cellulite, fat and wrinkles. Add to this emerging scientific data gained through years of research and the promoting of Cryotherapy and endorsements from a plethora of high profile professional athletes (including LeBron James, Cristiano Ronaldo and Floyd Mayweather), Cryotherapy is set to explode in popularity for many years to come.

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Ready for more?

Innovation, advanced technology and outstanding results are a recipe for success, not only for yourself, but also for your happy customers.

We wake up to a world where everyday we are lucky enough to make people feel refreshed, invigorated, more alive and above all, the best they can be. We help people improve their work and sporting performance, recover from illness or injury and enjoy their lives to the fullest.

Congratulations on taking the first step. We can not wait to begin our partnership journey together.
Dive in and get in touch.

Yours in health, well-being and peak performance,

Cassandra Auty
Managing Director

Our Support

With over 26 Years experience in the Health, Wellness and Franchise industry, the support, structure, guidance and knowledge Franchisees receive is second to none.

Site Selection Advice

Together, Cryo Australia will assist in your site selection using our set specific strategy target points. Looking for a site has never been easier!

Ongoing Training

We are firm believers that greater success comes from continuous growth.  Our Franchisee partners enjoy the benefits of comprehensive start-up training, through to ongoing support and guidance.

Our Marketing

Each Franchisee enjoys the benefits of our extensive marketing support, research, proven strategies and seamless marketing framework.

Equipment & Technical Support

Using affordable and innovative equipment, Franchisees enjoy the benefit of our long standing affiliation with manufacturers. We supply, install and provide ongoing maintenance support.

Fully Integrated Systems

Seamless, easy to use and intuitive technology and systems provides our Franchisees the opportunity to focus the important aspects of owning a Cryo Australia clinic – client satisfaction and staff happiness.



If you’re looking for the next long-lasting big thing, you’ve arrived. It’s time to be part of the health and wellness revolution. We provide a system that supports our Franchisees to guide them on their journey in delivering innovative health and wellness treatments.

Our Purpose

At Cryo Australia, it is our mission to support the aspirations of our clients and franchisees, whilst remaining committed to providing superior and simple treatments that deliver noticeable results.

Our training, clinical support, innovation and safety are considered the cornerstones of our franchise system, with each clinic benefiting from some of the most advanced custom-built equipment in the Cryotherapy and IV infusion industry.


What our
Franchisees receive
  • In depth initial and ongoing training
  • Streamlined, easy-to-manage processes that are designed to maximise quality and efficiency
  • Assistance in managing your business to success
  • ‘Hands on’ support and guidance
  • Ongoing marketing support
  • Fully integrated client management systems


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