What is Cryotherapy?

Originating from Japan, Whole Body Cryotherapy is an alternative and innovative health treatment. By exposing the body to extremely cold, dry air, Cryotherapy provides numerous benefits including skin rejuvenation, body restoration, fat and cellulite loss.  Cryotherapy has also been widely used to treat chronic inflammatory arthritic diseases.

Is Cryotherapy safe?

Absolutely! Our Cryotherapy services are based on the restorative strengths of Nitrogen, which is considered to be a non-toxic gas. Especially since Nitrogen makes up 78% of the air we breathe.

Is it safe to exercise after Cryotherapy?

After a Whole Body Cryotherapy session, you will probably feel rejuvenated and restored with extra energy. You are welcome to work out after Cryotherapy and may in fact feel a higher pain tolerance.

Will the extreme cold of Cryotherapy be dangerous?

Our Cryotherapy treatments consist mainly of cold air flowing over the surface of your skin, so there will be no freezing. We provide safe, comfortable environments that are monitored by experienced therapists.

How does IV Vitamin Infusion work?

IV Vitamin Infusion Therapy works by delivering vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system. This provides 100% bio availability of vitamins and minerals with optimal efficacy.

How long does IV Vitamin Infusion last?

After an IV Vitamin Infusion the vitamins can remain in your system and maintain your levels for up to 2-3 weeks, depending on the individuals response and metabolism.

Are IV Vitamin Infusion Therapies covered by my health insurance provider?

No, currently our IV Vitamin Infusions treatments are not covered by health insurance providers.

Who administers my IV Vitamin Infusion Therapy?

All of our IV Vitamin Infusion Treatments are administered by qualified professionals.  Some of our IV treatments do require medical approval for administration.  When required, Cryo Australia will be happy to arrange a consultation with a medical professional prior to treatment.

When will I feel the effects of the IV Vitamin Infusion Therapy?

Generally the effects become fully noticeable within 12-24 hours after receiving an IV Vitamin Infusion.

Is IV Vitamin Infusion Therapy Safe?

Yes, it is safe. Our IV Vitamin Infusions are administered by our trained staff with proven experience in IV therapy.

How long will my IV Vitamin Infusion Therapy take?

Receiving an IV takes between 45 minutes to one hour, however can vary slightly for each individual.

Can your IV Therapy service come to me?

Absolutely! Please contact our team to learn more about group discount rates.

How often can I have an IV drip?

The frequency of IV Vitamin therapy is determined on a client by client basis as it is dependent on your biological individuality and lifestyle.

Is IV Vitamin Infusion Therapy a trend?

IV Vitamin Infusion therapy is not a trend and has been around for decades. Many people are accepting the benefits of IV Therapy as a preventative health measure.


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