What Exactly is Flexible Dieting?

Many people criticize the flexible diet saying it’s not a diet at all and guess what they are right. It’s a model proven to be successful in losing fat but not muscle. It’s so simple and the fat just rolls off!
What is Flexible Dieting

How It Works

It isn’t just what you eat but how much you eat, and that means more not less. The nice thing about this “diet” is that it isn’t restricted to the generally accepted foods. Yes, there is a need to meet the target for macronutrients and fibre, but how one meets those requirements are their choice. This being said healthy foods must be the major component in order to build muscle like complex carbs and lean meat.

The difference is how the food is viewed. Is it considered a good clean food or bad dirty food? Frankly, with this method, it isn’t relative as long as the macronutrient composition is on target. Is this macronutrient diet new? No, every diet is based on the same basic principle, but this one allows people to eat what they like, when they like, to meet those pre-set goals.

What is Flexible DietingBegin with customizing the food choices best suited to your lifestyle and tastes. Determining how much activity will burn how many calories is the most difficult part of the diet. It’s all about balancing energy and consumption.  

Obviously, if someone consumes a week’s worth of calories and follows up with a nap, they may well gain weight. In this case, they should at least exercise while sucking down those last few Twinkies. Don’t be afraid to add a few protein shakes to enhance the muscle building while you sleep either.

what is Flexible DietingMassive amounts of fat have been lost by following the basic principle of obtaining eighty percent of calories from the most nutritional foods and the remaining twenty is a free choice. Those who try it, love it and they never have to deal with cheating guilt. They lose weight and gain muscle with a routine exercise plan and a flexible diet they can sustain.


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