Cryo Australia shoots for the stars to help unwell children.

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Saturday March 3, 2018.

Cryo Australia shoots for the stars to help unwell children.

As the Brisbane Roar prepared to face Adelaide United for the penultimate home game of the 2017-2018 Hyundai A-League season, Cryo Australia were preparing for their half-time quest to raise money for the Starlight Foundation. Five dedicated A-League football fans took their place at the penalty spot to challenge the Brisbane Roar mascot, Roary, to a shoot-out. Their mission, to shoot for goal and if they scored help sick children supported by the Starlight Foundation.

Founder and CEO of Cryo Australia, Neran De Silva (pictured), said that the Starlight Foundation worked tirelessly to help children with serious health issues and their families to share a fun experience and to take their minds off their trips to hospital and ongoing treatments.

“The Hyundai A-League Starlight Round is an amazing way for the community to enjoy a great game of football, and to come together to help the families and the children who are unwell. Cryo Australia’s whole reason for being is to improve people’s lives and their wellness, so we are very pleased and proud to support the Starlight Foundation and their work to improve the lives of children who face daily medical challenges,” Neran De Silva said.

“The penalty shoot-out is great fun and it gives budding football stars an opportunity to take to the field and to experience the thrill of kicking penalty shots in front of a stadium full of thousands of supporters. They have to beat the goalkeeper, Roary, and for every goal they score, Cryo donated $250 to the Starlight Foundation. All I can say, is it is a good job that Roary isn’t Brisbane’s full-time goalie because he let 4 balls into the net, which raised $1000 for the Starlight Foundation.

“Cryo Australia has been supporting the Starlight Foundation as part of our Community Support Program since 2017. The Program raises and donates money and builds awareness of several worthy causes. To date, Cryo Australia’s Community Support Program has supported 5 charities and committed $20,000 in donations.

Neran De Silva said that the event was a great success for many reasons, apart from raising money for the Starlight Foundation.

“Some of the children who attended the game have been unwell for many months; so, it is difficult for them to do activities like going to a Brisbane Roar game. To see them happy and smiling is heart-warming and a credit to the Starlight Foundation for making it possible.

“On top of that, we also celebrated the A-League’s Female Football Week and all the incredible work, both on and off the football field, that women contribute to the game. Football is an all-inclusive game, with competition and opportunities to play at all levels from young children to mature teams. It is also a sport that encourages mixed teams of boys and girls, which is great for the self-esteem and development of both genders,” Neran De Silva said.




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