Cryo Australia called up to help Queensland’s State of Origin keep cool under pressure.

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25th May 2018

Cryo Australia called up to help Queensland’s State of Origin keep cool under pressure.

Cryo Australia has been selected to work with the Queensland State of Origin team as part of their preparation for the final game against New South Wales from the 2nd June to 11th July at The InterContinental Sanctuary Cover Resort in the Gold Coast.

Cryo Australia’s sponsorship with the Queensland Maroons involves setting up the latest $72,000 Activ Cryotherapy Chamber on site at the team’s training facilities. The squad will then be able to use the cryotherapy chamber as required in preparation for their final game.

Speaking about the sponsorship and the benefits to athletes of using cryotherapy, Cryo Australia’s Founder and CEO, Neran De Silva, said that his company is excited and honoured to be part of the 2018 State of Origin team and that he is confident their involvement will help the team in their preparation for the next match against New South Wales.

“Rugby League is a tough game at the best of times, and it is even tougher on players during the State of Origin series. Every player needs to be playing at their peak and cryotherapy can help them to achieve this and recover more quickly,” Neran De Silva said.

“Cryotherapy offers many benefits to players, by inhibiting inflammation, decreasing recovery time after a game or due to injury, reducing the delayed onset of muscle soreness. It will also allow players to intensify their training activity because cryotherapy can reduce inflammation and enhance energy and endorphin release,” he added.

Cryotherapy was initially proposed as a treatment of rheumatic diseases 30 years ago. The therapy involves exposure to very cold air that is maintained at −110°C to −180°C in special temperature-controlled cryochamber, for between two to three minutes.

In sports medicine, cryotherapy has gained wider acceptance as a method to improve recovery from muscle injury. There are no harmful or detrimental side effects to athletes who use cryotherapy as part of their preparation and recovery regime and it is widely believed treatment may reduce sport-induced haemolysis. The cold stimulation has also demonstrated positive effects on the muscular enzymes’ creatine kinase and lactate dehydrogenase and is considered a procedure that facilitates athlete recovery.

“Everyone at Cryo Australia is supporting Queensland for this final State of Origin game. It’s going to be great to watch and we’re so proud to be part of the Maroon’s campaign,” Neran De Silva said.

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