Benefits of Cold Therapy
Cold Therapy

It’s no secret we’re huge cold therapy advocates; but why does this cool treatment work?

There are plenty of boring sciency reasons. Extreme exercise can cause a build up of lactic acid. When left untreated, lactic acid can lead to poor muscle function and fatigue, extending recovery time and resulting in a world of pain for you.

Cold Therapy, otherwise known as Cryotherapy, works to reduce swelling and causes your blood vessels to constrict, which helps drain the lactic acid from tired muscles. When your body returns to a normal temperature, you get a ‘rush of blood’ so to speak, as oxygenated blood returns to your muscle tissue and ligaments. Your system then gets to work removing the waste products of exercise such as lactic acid.

By helping reduce the lactic acid content immediately, you’re fast-tracking your natural recovery process.

What types of Cold Therapy are there?

There are several ways Cryotherapy can be applied.

A good old ice pack directly to the injury if it’s a localised problem is effective; but it’s difficult to maintain the cold temperature that is required to enhance the benefits.

Ice massages are successful in getting right into the tissue in which you’re aware of damage; but they can be difficult to apply yourself and deeper damaged tissue may not be reached.

Ice baths have been popular with athletes for many years and are beneficial in reaching problem areas in the whole body. While many athletes swear by the polar plunge, we haven’t come across one yet that enjoys the process.

Cryosauna treatments and localised Cryotherapy is the revolutionary evolution of the ice bath, utilising liquid nitrogen as the cold source. The treatment is completely dry and comes with a long list of benefits including decreased inflammation, pain minimisation, faster nutrient delivery, advanced healing, decreased swelling and reduced damage and muscle spasm.

Cryotherapy is linked to a boosted metabolism, which aids weight loss and cellulite reduction, and leaves you feeling refreshed and invigorated.

If treating discomfort with a 10-20 minute torture bath doesn’t appeal to you, a 3-minute Cryosauna session is your answer.

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