5 Body Image Tips

Body image. It’s not about how other people perceive you, It’s how you feel about yourself. A healthy body image is when you’re comfortable in your own skin. You feel good about yourself and the way you look (well, most of the time) and value yourself for who you are, inside and out. That’s where you want to be. If you’re feeling less than wonderful and would like to improve your body image, here are our five tips to promote a positive image and lifestyle.

1. Acknowledge that a healthy body image is important

belly-body-calories-diet-42069Sometimes when people are feeling negative about their body, they pack it away and try to ignore it. Believing that you are somehow not good enough will silently eat away at your overall confidence and wellbeing. This can prevent you from improving your perception of yourself, and getting the most enjoyment out of your life. If you’re suffering from an unhealthy body image, it’s imperative to acknowledge it, and give yourself the opportunity to turn it around. It’s time to focus on how to get you feeling better.  

2. Make feeling good your focus  

Even if you looked ‘perfect’ on the outside, if you’re not feeling right, your body image will still suffer. When you’re less focused on how you look, you can enjoy all the good things in your life. Do more of what makes you happy that is good for you. Be mindful about the things in your life that might be bringing you down. Is there negativity or anything that make you feel bad about yourself in the articles that you read, social media you follow, or movies you watch? Get rid of them and invite more positive messages. Things like travel, hobbies, wellness and feel-good inspirational stories. Adopt a few new healthy habits and nurture what’s working.

3. Enjoy a healthy relationship with food

You need to be healthy from the inside out, not the outside in. No fad diets, definitely no weight loss pills. It’s no use pretending you didn’t know that chips should not be your daily veg intake. We’re all well educated now about avoiding packaged foods, and checking labels for high levels of sodium or bad fats. Take advantage of nature’s amazing superfoods whenever you can and focus on a nice balanced diet, with everything in moderation. If you’re going to have a cupcake, just have a cupcake, don’t beat yourself up about it later.

4. Make FUN exercise part of your lifestyle


Exercise is incredibly important, not only to help you keep in shape, but for your overall wellbeing. Exercise activates those wonderful ‘feel good’ chemicals in your body that boost happiness and vitality. Your version of exercise doesn’t have to be hard core workouts in a sweaty gym (cringe). Search for activities you really love doing and regularly fit them into your routine. You might enjoy swimming, long walks, bike rides, yoga or a dance class. Try a few rounds on a golf course, if you’re terrible at it you’ll get even more exercise. Get your friends together and find a group activity you’ll all enjoy. Once you discover the things you really love, you look forward to exercising, it doesn’t feel like a chore.

5. Love what you can’t change and embrace what you can


If your health and lifestyle is on track; but you’re still feeling somewhat flat about a little bit of fat; or not alright about some cellulite, there are ways to address these stubborn issues.

Cellulite reduction treatment

Cellulite can be treated without surgery! Using innovative cold therapy technology, Cryo Australia offers affordable non-invasive cellulite reduction treatments to smooth out your skin, and help you regain confidence in your body. Rapid cooling the skin surface stimulates blood flow and also converts white fat to brown fat which burns calories. Win win!

So, some bothersome bits can be improved; but it shouldn’t feel like the end of the world if they’re not. It’s important to love yourself no matter what and focus on addressing only the things you CAN change. Your legs aren’t going to get longer. Your nose isn’t going to get smaller (in fact, it will keep growing – sorry!) Own it; it’s yours. You are unique, and the only person who can be perfect at being you. Life is so much more fun when you love yourself.

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