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Cryo Australia is proud to be a leader in Cryotherapy, IV Infusion treatments and fat reduction services in Australia. Our non-invasive and proven treatments provide real results to clients looking to enjoy greater wellbeing and health.  With Cryo Australia you can recover faster, boost endurance and feel younger inside and out.

Cryo Treatments

Our affordable and effective Cryo treatments include whole body Cryotherapy, facial and localised Cryotherapy and Cryolipolysis which deliver exceptional results in the areas of wellness, beauty therapy, sports performance, fat reduction and recovery.

iRefresh • IV Vitamin Infusion Therapy

Our iRefresh Vitamin Lounge and its ground-breaking treatments provide modern hydration therapy via infusions and vitamin boosters successfully treating anything from jet-lag, stress or hangovers to acute and chronic conditions. IV Infusions and Vitamin Boosters achieve and maintain optimum wellness in the fastest and safest way possible. Experience the iRefresh difference today.

*Some of our IV treatments require medical approval for administration. When requested, Cryo Australia will be happy to arrange a consultation with a medical professional.

Own a Franchise

Cryo Australia has positioned its self for sustainable growth and expansion throughout Australia and New Zealand being a reputable provider of Cryotherapy, IV Infusion Therapies, Fat Reduction treatments and other popular aesthetic services. Cryo Australia offers franchise partners ongoing, comprehensive support and regular training to ensure the quality of treatment service delivery is upheld. Helping us to emerge as a preferred Cryotherapy and IV Infusion brand that is dedicated to becoming the number one choice for premium health and wellness solutions.


About Us

Since 2016, Cryo Australia has worked with a philosophy built on innovation, medicine and quality care combined. It is our mission to support the treatment aspirations of our clients, whilst remaining committed to providing superior and simple treatments that deliver noticeable results. Our ongoing therapist training, customer care, innovation and safety are considered the cornerstones of our service delivery, with each clinic using some of the most advanced treatment technology in the Cryotherapy and IV Infusion industry.


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